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Build a cost-effective pipeline of relevant computing talent

With the shift of data and applications into the cloud, finding and retaining the right technology talent is becoming more difficult and expensive by the day.

Participation in The Academy of Accelerated Technology Education means access to a pool of cloud-certified technology skills, both in the short term, in the form of skilled learners, and over the longer term, as your company onboards and grows talent acquired through the programme. The learners coming through the programme are all graduate professionals with proven aptitude for their chosen field, skilled in the latest versions of the tools and applications already in use within your organisation.

World-class talent, affordable skills

The Academy offers graduated learners an accelerated 1-year paid learning path that combines hands-on, full-time learning with a 9-month learnership at participating employer organisations.

The current learning paths are focused on producing Information Technology and cloud-certified, qualified graduates in the following four disciplines:

  • Software Engineering
  • Security Engineering
  • Data Science
  • Business Analyst

BBBEE scorecard benefits

The Academy program is aligned with the Workplace Skills Plan and Implementation report and will enable employers to take advantage of additional BBBEE points, in the following areas:

  • Supplier development
  • Skills development spend

The Program

The initial 3-month intensive learning phase equips learners with a working knowledge of the latest applications and tools offered by our technology partners (Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS). This practical learning is then applied within your organisation during a 9-month learnership.

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A pool of rare skills for the long term

Upon completion of the learnership phase, participating companies have right of first refusal to offer graduating learners’ full-time employment within their organisation. They will also have preferential access to hire AATE graduates for gig work, through our gig work partner, TGMM, as and when needed. Participating Organisations carry no employment risk around learners, and the Academy will work directly with those learners to find roles for them, either in other organisations or as gig workers.

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    Any personal information received by the Academy shall be treated as strictly confidential and shall only be processed in terms of the applicable data protection legislation. For further details on how we manage your personal information click here.