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Our Vision

To create a substantial pool of quality technically skilled people that are equipped to lead in the continuously evolving technological environment, and contribute in a meaningful way to resolving South Africa’s massive unemployment problem. This will not only solve our technology skills shortage but also achieve a position that allows South Africa to export our technology skills by providing services internationally through our TGMM partner.

To achieve this vision, we are focused on 4 main goals:

  • Support the creation of a bigger pool of available technical skills in SA
  • Grow relevant practical technical skills in the country quickly
  • Assist in managing the ever-increasing cost of technical skills
  • Assist in alleviating the increasing unemployment problem in the country

The AATE is our first step in achieving these goals.

Board of Directors

Stephen Koseff

Stephen Koseff is the Investec Group’s former Chief Executive Officer. In addition to his directorships of Investec Ltd, Investec PLC and various other Investec subsidiaries, he is a non-executive Director of the South African Banking Association.

Malcolm Laing

Malcolm Laing is the non-executive Chairman at Investec Global Services India Pvt. Ltd., and the former Group Chief Information Officer at Investec where he worked from 2001 – 2021.

Hennie Reyneke

Hennie Reyneke is the former Chief Information Officer at Investec Central Services (SA), Investec Private Bank (SA) and Investec Wealth and Investment (SA) where he worked from 2011 – 2022.